People & Body Parts

People & Body Parts

We are all People (well most of us) and we all have body parts, unless you are a Quadriplegic without a head (if you are then we would like to hear from you) – anyway getting side tracked somewhat. Here you can find products that celebrate the diversity between us, in a fun way.

You will also find images of Body Parts – a well placed pretend willy or false moustache can achieve an amazing result.

All our Stickers are for indoor and outdoor use
You can apply them to most surfaces – see FAQs for more
Where will you stick yours…..

Disabled Symbol - With WillyDisabled Symbol – With Willy

Street Sticker, £2.00


Street Sticker, 6.5cmx3.3cm (2.6″x1.3″), £2.00

Street Sticker, 1.2cmx5.6cm (4.4″x2.2″), £2.50


Street Sticker, 6.2cmx1.6cm (2.4″x0.6″), £2.00

Street Sticker, 11.9cmx3.1cm (4.7″x1.2″), £2.50